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Tom Wood - Bus Odyssey Research

Updated: Apr 23

I chose to research this photographer because I was introduced to his work through the fact that the project I am currently shooting for is very similar. Tom Wood lives in Liverpool and took photographs of people on buses in the town for two decades while he commuted through Liverpool which is a journey that takes nearly two hours He is excellent at capturing the mood of the people and the "flood of stimuli and the giddy pace of life in the urban context."

As stated before< Tom Wood is excellent at capturing the mood of the people of Liverpool which is what I plan to be able to communicate through my project. "Tom Wood's Bus Odyssey photographs show the inner structure of a city whose dynamism appears to determine the basic mood of the people living there."

I like the concept of "the observer" throughout the book, no one in the photographs is looking at the camera, and they don't pose for the photos. So, Wood manages to capture the authenticity of people on buses, and how they feel despite that they might be masking how they feel because they are in front of others and are trying to act as casually as they can.


Tom Wood — Photographer. (2001). Bus Odyssey. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Dec. 2023].

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