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The Tuesday Club

This project I completed last year is from my collaborative project. We each had to collaborate with a local social group of our choosing and use several different mediums and methods of photography to capture the nature and theme of these groups. At the end of said project, we each had to organise and curate our own exhibition for the project at the location where the group meet.

I chose a group that both my grandparents attend, named the Tuesday Club. They meet up every Tuesday morning at Fiona Gardens where they sit around a table at the cafe for coffee, tea and a snack. When it was somebody's birthday or a special occasion, one of them would bring a cake, usually chocolate, for everyone to enjoy. The group had about 15 or so members when I was in attendance, unfortunately however, due to the high age range of the group, the number has decreased.

Through this project, I took a lot of digital shoots and shoots on 35mm black and white film. I shot most of the photographs myself but for some, I gave one of the members, Marilyn, one of my point-and-shoot film cameras and asked them to take photos of and around their home and of their family members to get a feel of what their home life was like. This was mainly because a lot of older people don't have many people around their homes and may get lonely. I intended to do this with more of the members, however, I had a problem with the camera I wanted to use twice so the first roll of film I gave them was mostly fogged because of the faulty camera. One of the films was expired and turned green as well. 

I also asked all of the members of the Tuesday Club to bring any printed photos, for me to scan, of themselves when they were younger. Each week, I would get new photographs from different members of the group.

I took these photos and scanned them in to my laptop and developed film and scanned them too. I collected all of these photographs, printed the digital versions and on each piece of white foam-board, I compared a photo of their younger self with a photo of their current self. I placed them around the table on the walls and doors where they usually sit together for the exhibition.

This project was really fun to do and to complete. Every week, they would ask me how my course was going and how I was and they would chat to me about what's been going on in their life recently. The meetings themselves didn't feel like work. It was outside of the meetings where all the work took place, there was lots of scanning, developing, printing and printing in the darkroom to do.

Safe to say, I was very busy while putting this project together and finishing it. It was fun to do and had a good outcome. 

(I did break one of my lenses during this though, twice.)

The Final Images in the exhibition:

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