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The Tram Travellers #9:

Updated: Apr 23

In my final photoshoot, I took a total of 55 photos, I was satisfied with only one photograph. I took quite a few photos on the way into Manchester but I was unable to take any photos on my way back home because the tram was much too packed with people to even consider taking my camera out. However, I like the one photograph that this final photoshoot resulted in. I decided to stop shooting for this project after this shoot during my spring holiday. suffice it to say, I'm satisfied and pleased with the result of all of the photoshoots that I've done for this project and think that it has resulted in quite a lot of good photographs that I really like.

Favourite Photo:

I chose this photograph as my final favourite photograph because, for one, I think it works well within the project conceptually, a little kid not wanting to eat the food their guardian is trying feed to them, most likely trying to reason with the kid as to why the kid should eat the food. It's a cute and raw moment that happens in daily life that most people wouldn't bat an eye to. However, I think that it's important to capture these raw moments so we don't get lost in all the bad in the world and appreciate the small things, the details because they're more significant than you would think. For two, I like the use of yellow and warm tones in the photo, I think the colour palette adds warmth to the mood of the photograph.

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