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The Tram Travellers #7

In this photoshoot, I didn't take lots of photos. However, I managed to get two photos out of the forty that I took that I was satisfied with. I think that despite this shoot's short duration, it was rather successful in comparison to other shoots that I have done in the past, where I had taken over 100 or 200 photos, only to end up with about three that I liked. Safe to say, I am satisfied with this photoshoot

Favourite photos:

I'm still unsure of how I feel about this photograph, the guy staring had this blank look on his face the entire journey on the tram, staring ahead as if he was in some sort of dissociated daze. This explains how a lot of us feel while using public transport, we don't know what to do with ourselves. I think the majority of people choose to use their phones or read a book to pass the time in this in-between space. However, if you can't do any of these or choose not to, you're left with nothing to do but stare out of the window or at nothing at all. This photo shows good commentary on how people feel while using methods of public transport.

I really like this photo. mostly in a technical sense. The man is standing in the centre of the frame, he isn't looking directly at the camera but I don't think that matters here, you can see how he feels. He's tired because of the long, cold, wet day, the people in the background probably feel the same way that he does.

I love that the light is hitting the centre of his face, allowing us to see his facial expression if his face was covered in shadow instead, the photo would significantly lose impact. The colour palette is beautiful with a lot of primary colours and using yellow to represent Manchester Metrolink which you'll see in all my photos, a bright yellow tone.

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