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The Tram Travellers #6

In this photoshoot, I tried to spend more time within the tram, and on tram stops and tried to photograph as many people as possible. through this, I have recognised that I need to focus more on the landscape or the place with a person in it as opposed to just a person in a random place because the photographs end up looking boring. After all, the background needs to have a heavy influence on the photograph. This balances out the photographs by making the subject and the background have equal effects on each other.

At first, when I took this photograph and while editing it, I liked it a lot. However, after consideration and feedback, I think that it doesn't particularly have much substance to it because of the lack of background. Despite this, I do like this photo because it has a satisfying colour palette, using bright primary colours, excluding green; red, blue and yellow. It also has a variety of textures. I like this image as a photograph but it doesn't fit into the concept of this project.

I liked this photo at first when I had taken it. However, after staring at it for possibly too long and careful consideration, I noticed that there are parts of the background that are over-exposed. The more I looked at it, the less I liked it, I think it works for the concept but it's boring, there's nothing to it, and there's no feeling. I think it would be better if her face was in view or if she was looking directly at the camera because that would add some feeling and depth but there is none of that so the photo has no substance to it for me.

I like this photo a lot conceptually. The background of industrial Manchester and the people in the foreground reflect how the natural landscape of Manchester has been depleted almost completely because of the people in it. Manchester used to look much prettier before the increase of industrialisation. The people who travel around Manchester every day aren't listened to on this issue. From a technical standpoint, I had no control over the angle of this photo as it was taken through a tram window. If I had been to the right side of the people, the photo would have looked better but I think that it works well for this project.

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