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Research - Bruce Gilden

Updated: May 20

I chose this photographer as research for this project because he is great at capturing very raw moments, of regular people in everyday life. His work on the streets of New York City is what I'm researching in this post.

He is known for his abrupt and "invasive" methods of photographing his subjects. He neglects to give them a chance to pose or to avoid the camera, making his photography quite controversial to viewers and other photographers alike.

His work is quite similar to mine in the sense of capturing people in raw moments, capturing raw facial expressions instead of a fake smile for the camera. He doesn't ask any of his subjects for their photo, he takes them without hesitation which is also what I have been trying to do throughout this project when photographing.'

His work:

He gets very close and "in the face" of his subjects, takes the shot and walks away, not giving the person he took a photo of to react to what he had just done because he does it so fast. I have noticed he uses a lot of flash in his images to make the images bright and have sharp contrast. He also might do this to grasp the subject/s' attention towards the camera in order to capture their authentic reaction to him taking the photograph.

Someone taking a photograph of Bruce Gilden taking a photograph:

More of Bruce Gilden's work in New York City:


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