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Portrait Test

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Contact sheet - all photos:

In this photoshoot, me and Bradley (and Andy our course tutor) went to a random location to shoot portraits. The shoot was very spontaneous without much preparation. I instructed Bradley to stand in a natural stance since he is extremely tall, it was kind of difficult to achieve an angle where he didn't look massively tall. I intended to capture a very natural stance as if he's casually conversing.

Favourite photo:

I decided to use the Leading Lines composition in order to achieve the idea of a journey, as if he was walking and just casually turned around for the shot. I also made the photo black and white because it was what felt the most natural to me. I had to dull the sky behind him as in the original photos, the sky was too bright and the exposure settings on-camera were not helping so I had to sort it in post.

I like how the double yellow lines and the bike sheds being old and worn-down match his outfit quite well, along with his empty-looking facial expression all match the overall energy of the photograph, turning the photo from colour to black and white felt only right to do.

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