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More than meets the eye - Self-portraits

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Dolled up

In this photograph, I decided to put makeup on only half of my face, I intended to capture the side of me that I show to the world and the side of me that is hidden, the real me. Although in fact, they are both the real me.

Hidden in Plain Sight

When taking this photograph, I wanted to capture how I often feel, unseen. Often, I feel as if people don't see me, I wonder if it's due to my personality or whether people are just ignorant of the people around them, I've never been sure.

How do you feel now?

I intended to capture exactly how I felt at this moment, anxious. I think too much and that usually makes things worse, I'm always too in my own head and unmotivated. I hope one day I can see the things that I want and go for them wholeheartedly, as of now, I need someone to push me to do the things I want to do.


I took this photograph of myself in order to show who I am. I usually don't like photos of myself unless I have some sort of control over how they are taken. However, I took a step back for this photograph, I messed up my hair and made no intentional pose to look "pretty" and it worked out well. I think I would say that I am rather proud of myself for these photographs.

I took these photographs using two tripods, one for my camera and one for my light, a mini LED block light that I can change the hue and brightness on, according to the mood. I placed the light to the left or right side of my face to achieve the shadows that display my facial shape, they create lines and shapes that make the photograph more visually interesting than they would be without them.

One thing I don't like about two of these photographs is that I was too close to the back wall, creating a shadow behind me that I could not get rid of. If I plan to take portraits again, I will try to take them in the studio where there is more room and a plain-white wall and I will have more control over lighting.

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