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The Tram Travellers #8:

Updated: Apr 23

Again, in this photoshoot, I didn't take many photos because I considered it more important to take photos that I think would work technically and conceptually as opposed to just taking photos for the sake of taking photos. This is what I had been doing in the past, which entailed going through a massive amount of photos just to end up with one or two that I would end up being satisfied with and/or liking, Prioritising the "vision" for a good photograph was a great plan and I am happy with the result because I got a pretty good photograph out of it.

I have to start off by saying that this is one of my favourite photographs that I have taken in this project so far. The centred composition is striking. With the vibrant and bright colours throughout the image, the colour palette is for the most part only bright colours. The fact that the schoolboy is facing the opposite direction to every other person within the frame adds a sort of depth to the photo that I think can be interpreted in any way you see fit. His facial expression is clear, which adds even more depth, he looks tired from a long school day, most likely wanting to be at home as soon as possible. Overall, I am very satisfied with this photo and I think it's one of my best.

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