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The Tram Travellers #5 Plan

Updated: Apr 22

In this photoshoot, I will make sure to only capture photographs that I think will be high quality in terms of aesthetics. Prioritise art, I will not take photographs for the sake of taking them but only capture moments that will result in higher-quality photographs.

I will shoot in Digital, \in colour and decide in post whether to change the image to monochrome or not.

For this photoshoot, I will pay more attention to exposure, in the last photoshoot I neglected to ensure that I had the correct exposure for the surroundings I was in. I will also bring an external flash for my camera, my camera does not have a built-in flash since my photographs were not bright enough for my liking, I think that if I used a flash, the colours in the photos would be more saturated. The only issue with this idea of using flash is that it can seem quite confrontational so it makes me feel quite anxious to photograph strangers because of what their reaction or response will be.

I will also try to shoot people who have something different or interesting about them such as their fashion and hairstyles and make sure that the relation between the subject and the Manchester Metro (trams) is clear in the photographs.

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