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The Tram Travellers #5

Updated: Apr 22

In this photoshoot, the idea was to photograph people who seem interesting, as in they are wearing bright coloured clothes or are wearing interesting pieces of clothes such as hats or something like that, I think this shoot was very successful because the shoot resulted in slightly more photographs that I was very satisfied with.

Favourite Photos:

I chose these photos as my favourite photographs because they all represent the concept of "social isolation." In all these photos, the subjects are by themselves because they don't know anyone else around them so they keep to themselves and try to stay away from other people, they aren't doing this actively but we're all quite isolated because strangers can feel intimidating to most people.

I like this first photograph because I think it truly represents the idea of social isolation. For this photo, I used two compositions, the rule of thirds and leading lines, these are both important in the photo since the shelter and the tram lines represent the theme of the Manchester Metrolink. I like the use of yellow in this because it stands out over everything else, I also framed the subject within the window of the tram stop shelter.

I like this photo because of its use of colour, because of the weather on the day of the shooting and the time it was taken at mid-afternoon. The sunlight made all the colours in the frame much more vibrant. The person in the frame has three different colours that they're wearing, the tram has shades of yellow and the blue of the sky. I also like the reflections in the tram windows and the windows of the buildings behind. Overall, I think this photo is exposed well and I love the use of colour and the way the subject stands out because of it.

I like this photo's use of the colour yellow, it is the colour of the Manchester Metrolink. I also like the use of blue in the seats because yellow and blue are complimentary colours, the photo works really well because of this. I took a few photos of this girl on the tram, the lighting wasn't very good in the other images but the sun came through the window just at the right time, perfectly lighting her face and creating shapes within the photo.

I chose this photo as one of my favourites because it feels very natural to me, quite raw. The photo has quite a few different textures, the building in the background, the smooth textures of the tram, the fur on his coat and hat and the patterns of his scarf, there's a lot to focus on in the photo but the photo doesn't feel too busy to me. I like this photo because the man is in his own world, surrounded by Manchester architecture and with the tram in the background, it is a completely environmental portrait.

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