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The Tram Travellers #4

Updated: Apr 22

In this fourth photoshoot, I followed the same process as the last shoot, the only difference being that I spent more time photographing this time, I got off at more stops on my tram route (from Altrincham to Manchester town centre). This is why this photo shoot resulted in a lot more photographs than my previous shoots.

Overall, I am not very keen on the images, there are only a few photographs that I like. However, I think this photoshoot is a good stepping stone. For this shoot, I think I was shooting quite randomly, in the next photoshoot, I will plan in advance, to create photographs that are more artistically driven. I need to think of these shoots as making art as opposed to just taking photographs. This photoshoot has taught me a good lesson because even though I shot more for this, it resulted in fewer good photos but in my previous photoshoots when I took fewer photos, they resulted in a higher ratio of photos that I liked.

Favourite photos:

I took this photograph because I thought this man had somewhat of an interesting look to him, I like the photo overall as a photo since I have taken photographs that are similar to this in some of my previous shoots. This photo feels just like a passing moment, there's a very low chance that you will see someone you see in public again because of the sheer amount of people who reside in Manchester, I think it's important to capture these moments because you most likely will not see this person again.

I took this photo because a little kid was roaming around this small area around me, looking around at people there, I thought it was quite cute The kid is looking into the tram out of curiosity and the young man inside is also staring back out at him, I think there is quite a wholesome feeling to this photograph because it feels very human. Then you see the other people on the tram minding their business and two people having this unspoken communication that the kid is going to grow up to be the young man's age.

I chose this photo because I think it shows how most of the time, people on public transport tend to be in their world, their own personal bubble. I think this is intentional, people would rather mind their business than pay attention to anything else until they get to their destination because the tram or public transport, in general, is only the middle ground, the journey to where you actually want to be, your desired destination.

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