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The Tram Travellers #3

Updated: Apr 22

My plan for this photo shoot was much more developed than my previous shoots, I planned to go out just to solely go on trams, I shot through the tram windows, in the tram and got out of the tram at some stops to photograph the people waiting at the different tram stops. This plan helped to develop my project by photographing more photos in order to get more favourites that I like.

Here, I put the photos in a set to show how the photos work together.

This first photograph I took on the tram on a beautifully sunny day, the atmosphere in the tram was quite relaxed, most likely because it was sunny for once, it was really quiet however, which made me feel quite nervous to take the photos since the camera shutter was loud however I pushed myself to do despite the anxiety it caused every time I pressed the shutter button..

I like this photograph because it shows the atmosphere of Manchester, I like all the buildings in the background and then the subject in the foreground in a world of her own. I like how the sun outlines her frame, if this photo was anything other than centred, the impact would not be as strong. All the colours in the frame compliment each other and make the photo make the photograph feel very balanced.

This photograph was taken in between stops at the Cornbrook tram stop of a young boy, looking at the tram map trying to figure out how to get to his destination and how much he will need to pay. I find this photo interesting because it shows someone using transport likely for their first time or first few times, it's not something we usually pay attention to.

In this image, I like how the colours blue and yellow compliment each other since they are very opposite colours. I also like how the guy to the right in the photo is blending with the reflection of the buildings that are behind the camera, he blends in to the photo almost like he's part of the infrastructure. The boy in the centre of the frame is wearing brightly coloured clothing but the others in the background are wearing dark plain colours, making the boy the sole focus of the focus of the photograph.

There is a lot I like about this last photograph. For one, I love the range of colours within it , you can only really achieve this when you have bright sunny weather. Similarly to the first, I like the buildings in the background and her looking out at them, almost in fascination or maybe because what is outside is better to look at than what is inside the tram. I like the reflection of her face in the glass becomes is only half of the focus of the photo because the back of her head and her face share centre of the frame, her body and face are separate and share the viewer's attention. I also like how vibrant her hair colour is, it's brighter than anything else in the photo and therefore demands attention, possibly unintentionally.

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