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The Tram Travellers #1

Updated: Apr 22

In this initial photo shoot, I photographed the journey from my place of study; Trafford College to St Peter's Square on the Manchester Metrolink, My plan at the very start of this project was to photograph people on public transport in Manchester.

I hadn't managed to take many photographs for this first shoot since I was quite nervous to be taking photos of people on trams, I was scared somebody might confront me about it or judge me for taking photos of them, and this psychological barrier hindered my photography process which is something I feel would get better throughout the project.

However, I captured one photo in this shoot that I liked above the others.

Favourite Photo:

I have chosen this photograph since there is a strong colour theme through the photo with the yellow poles of the Metro and her yellow coat. It almost feels like she was meant to be there at that moment. The blue and yellow tones complement eachother perfectly since they are both opposing colours in terms of emotion indication. blue is a depressing colour especially this tone of dull blue and in contrast, yellow is supposed to be a happy and relaxing colour.

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